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Mitaras has been operating in the market for ten years. We represent the largest glass factories and corrugated packaging manufacturers, we know the smallest nuances in this area. We are old in the market, so we know the needs of our customers and have the best offers to meet them. For these reasons, the largest food and beverage companies in Lithuania and other neighboring countries work with us.

Today, specialists of UAB Mitaras can offer a complete solution to various manufacturers: glass containers of the required volume and price level, these containers require packaging and logistics to the door. To emphasize the uniqueness, the packaging can be marked with the stamps of your products.

When preparing offers, our specialists assess the required container volume, quantities and delivery terms, your chosen level of quality and prices, logistics needs (international shipments, local shipments, terms and frequency), coordinate with the glass and morpho packaging factories all production and shipping issues, if needs to assemble individual components, manages all additional costs. By working with us, customers have no worries.

UAB Mitaras’ glass container packaging offer covers a wide sector of the food and beverage industry. Corrugated containers can be adapted to a wide range of areas. We believe that the wide range available will allow you to fulfill every wish and wish of yours. We will promptly fulfill each order.

If you want to know about the offer of glass containers, visit our website www.stiklotara.lt, if you want to know about the offer of corrugated containers, visit our website

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Our company has many advantages over competitors!

Always get in touch

Our company always keeps in touch with customers. To e-mail We reply to letters even on weekends.

Wholesale trade

Our products occupy up to 25% of the market in Lithuania. We are engaged in wholesale throughout Lithuania.

Ecological products

95% of our products are made of recycled glass and plastic. We protect nature.

Glassware in Lithuania

Wholesale and retail trade of glassware in Kaunas

Minimum order is at least 1 palette

We sell jars (pallets) and boxes for lids to beekeepers